Thursday, 30 March 2017
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Why North Korea Missile Failure Won't Stop It Trying to Strike U.S.

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Since he came to power, North Korea's leader Kim Jong Un has defied U.N. sanctions and greatly increased testing of missiles and nuclear weapons.

[In Depth] Tweak makes U.S. nukes more precise—and deadlier

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A small fix made in the name of "stockpile stewardship" is turning U.S. submarine–launched missiles into more precise weapons. An improved mechanism installed in aging warhead now makes it possible to adjust the height at which they detonate, according to three experts writing in The Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists. This vastly increases the weapons' efficiency, the experts say, creating the impression that submarine-launched weapons could be used in a first strike against Russia's fixed missile silos. About 500 such warheads have been deployed on submarines; more than 1000 updated warheads are in production. The innovation could create "a deeply destabilizing and dangerous strategic nuclear situation," the authors warn. Author: Eliot Marshall

Outcry triggers calls for a federal investigation

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Two months ago, the Washington Metropolitan Police Department's new commander, Chanel Dickerson, made a pledge: Let's find our missing girls.

Infant and toddler found stabbed to death in North Carolina; father arrested

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A toddler and an infant who were reported missing and endangered in North Carolina have been found stabbed to death, authorities said.

Harrison Ford: 'I'm the schmuck that landed on the taxiway'

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Harrison Ford explains to air traffic control why he landed on a taxiway, just missing a passenger jet.


Porsche hires Disney to lead its training

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Exciting customers is about to become more than a mission statement at Porsche Cars North America.

Are DC's girls really going missing?

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Social media claims 14 girls have recently disappeared from DC. The truth is more complicated.


How Washington, D.C., is using social media to bring back missing children

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On Tuesday, Rep. Cedric Richmond (D) Louisiana, who is the Congressional Black Caucus chairman, and Delegate Eleanor Holmes Norton (D) of the District of Columbia sent a letter to Attorney General Jeff Sessions and FBI Director James Comey. While the number of missing youths in the District hasn’t dramatically increased, local police Commander Chanel Dickerson has become more vocal about the cases when they occur, increasingly using social media to spread the word when kids go missing – an important first step toward getting them back.

Missing D.C. Girls Could Be Human Trafficking Victims

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Some officials are calling for an investigation into the disappearances, while police maintain there is nothing unusual about them.

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