Thursday, 30 March 2017
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[In Depth] Trump's 2018 budget proposal ‘devalues’ science

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The 2018 budget proposal that President Donald Trump unveiled last week confirms two things that U.S. scientists have long suspected: The new president is no fan of research, and his administration has no overarching strategy for funding science. Deep proposed cuts to research at several agencies offer evidence that Trump doesn't see science—of any kind—as a spending priority. And along with neglect there's indifference. There's no telling how the National Science Foundation would fare, for example, because the budget blueprint doesn't mention it. In the meantime, scientists are also worried about the fate of this year's research budgets after Trump proposed cuts to the category that funds all civilian research. More angst: There's no word yet on whether the president will even appoint a science adviser, much less when he will fill dozens of senior slots at research agencies. Author: Jeffrey Mervis

Amber Heard Was Labelled After She Came Out

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Amber Heard became immediately "attached to a label" after she came out as bisexual in 2010.
The 'Magic Mike XXL' star didn't consider it a big deal to reveal her sexuality but soon realised the "gravity" of what she had said.
She shared: "I just answered honestly. I could tell by the look on this person's face it was a big deal. My poor publicist. Then I realised the gravity of what I had done and why so many people - studio execs, agents, advisors - did not want this coming before my name.
"I became attached to a label. I've never seen myself defined by the person I'm with. I saw myself being in this unique position and having a unique responsibility. So, I bit the bullet."
And her admission was not met with kind comments by some, who branded her sexuality as problematic.
She added: "As a leading lady, there's a certain amount of wish fulfillment. I was asked, 'How is anyone going to invest in you romantically if they think you're unavailable?' I said, 'Watch me do it.'"
And Amber felt she did prove people wrong as she is now one of many "romantic leading ladies who are out and fluid".
Speaking at The Economist's second annual Pride & Prejudice event in New York City, she said: "I stand here now amongst many of my romantic leading lady peers who are out and fluid. I'm one of many now, and I'm working ... If we're meant to reflect the world around us, the whole point of telling stories and reaching audiences is to challenge the status quo, to push the envelope. Not just to meet the status quo.
"We're in a unique position to do this. We need to be actively pushing ... If every gay man that I know personally in Hollywood came out tomorrow, then this would be a non-issue in a month. We have a long way to go."

Hacking suspect's parents say he won't flee

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Karim Baratov's parents want him back home, sitting at the dining table where they shared dinner nearly every night as a family of four, and where they now sit to make the case publicly that the young man accused of hacking emails for Russian agents is not a flight risk.

Is The Stock Market Now On Thin Ice?

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Some think that Trump's poor understanding of the legislative process dooms the rest of his legislative agenda does this mean that the stock market is on thin ice?


Chinese court rules in favor of Apple in local design patent disputes

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BEIJING (Reuters) - A Chinese court has ruled in favor of Apple in design patent disputes between the Cupertino, California company and a domestic phone-maker, overturning a ban on selling iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus phones in China, Xinhua news agency reported.

GOP wonders: Can it get anything done?

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Republicans appear skeptical about their ability to move on to other pieces of their agenda after failing to keep the party together on their longtime promise to repeal Obamacare.


Former CIA director: Flynn discussed handing Erdogan foe back to Turkey

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Former Central Intelligence Agency Director James Woolsey told CNN Friday that former Trump National Security Adviser Michael Flynn met with representatives of the Turkish government in 2016, and the meeting included discussion of potential ways to send a foe of Turkey's president back to face charges in that country,

Rep. Nunes' charge of Trump team surveillance – why it's key

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A number of former top National Security Agency (NSA) officials were standing around Friday, chatting prior to an academic conference in Washington. Talk turned to the chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, Rep. Devin Nunes (R) of California, whose panel has been investigating Russian interference in the US election, and his charge this week that President Trump’s transition team had been subject to surveillance by US intelligence. The charge, and the fact that Representative Nunes conveyed that information to Mr. Trump before making it available to his panel, caused a sensation after a drumbeat of testimony that there was no evidence to support Trump’s explosive accusation that he had been subjected to wiretapping at the direction of his predecessor, President Barack Obama.

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